Defy the Odds

Do you doubt yourself?
Do you feel your dreams are cloudy?
Do you feel your hopes tangled in the web of a spider?
Do your sights disappoint you?

Do you feel weighed down by all you desire?
Or feel like an outcast amid the love you require
Do you feel like nothing
Or do you feel nothing is even more important than you at the moment

It’s human to doubt
But it’s also human to fight
Wake up from your slumber in weakness
If they can make it
You also can make it
Remember DOUBT is the enemy of progress
So don’t let it’s whispers reach it’s climax
Deaf your ears
Close your eyes
Take a leap of faith
If you fall don’t be weighed down get up and keep trying

Dream big
Work hard
And watch the scenes of your dream cast out  into reality

©da shy poet..

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