One Nation by Mr Khyroo

take me to
that one nation we all wanted,
that one nation we dreamt of while we close our eyes,
that one nation we envision for our kids,
that one nation where we live free,
not letting our hopes define that freedom in our speech,

that one nation we all see as an imagery, scripted out of our own detonation of what its like to be you and me,
that me that lives under the blanket of peace,
the me that exchange a handshake of friendship to my brother of different, colour,religion,and creed,
the me that sleeps entirely knowing that my sister walks the street with no fear of another brother assaulting and taking humanity out of her knees,
that one nation where I am shown exemplary equity,
and just/ be the diction colourfully painted in our speech,
in love and equity my dreams of the future are absolutely fulfilled,
I want to go to that one nation where our fathers words echoes in all our deeds,

take me to that one nation where I get to build a home not a house with open doors for all to come in
that one nation where am not a threat to mother’s, sons, daughters, fathers but rather tranquility and divine friendship is what I give and receive,

take me to that one nation where my opinions matter, hate and bigotry has no residence in our hearts but companionship,

take me to that one nation where the struggles ends with smile and reason to feel free to live,
take me to that one nation for all,
a haven for all to live,
© Mr khyroo

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