For Love Like This

For love like this
I promise to write your name on melted ice
with the ink of rain
while making you feel the might of ecstasy
as I make thunderstorm surrender
to the echo of your praises
only if you sing for me.

For love like this
I vow to make the stars appear alongside the sun
as you walk on clouds
whilst making the moon glance at your beauty
only if you stay with me.

For love like this
I will make your eyes create a mirage on the sea
just for the moon to see
only if you stare at me.

For love like this
I will make our memories light up rainbow
whenever our lips birth eclipse
only if you smile at me.

For love like this
I vow to make the wind bow at your feet
as I sing you lullaby with my eyelids
only if you promise to be with me.

And in your promise
I shall find a way to ask the wind to whisper
the seeds of spring into bloom,
for love like this
needs wrapped in a dress of grass –
fragility and strength
sheltering together in each blade.

And the echo of your vow
will move the seas beyond their shores –
a chorus of ancient stones still dancing
aflame as sand granules together in the sun,
for love like this
conquers the millennia with its earthy song.

And next to your presence
the mountains’ glory
will reveal itself in the smallest
wallflower raising it’s head in the wilderness,
for love like this
opens the sky like a key to eternity
fit in the lock of the fully-lived moment
when I am with you.

© MBH X Diana Cosma


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