Lures and Trolls

                Source: Avi Richards|unsplash

At birth, my life was nothing but a blank page,
Blossoming in glory and grace at a tender age,
But when I became of age,
Life then set me on stage,

Welcome dear youth explore my taste,
Hold on to my temptations in a haste,
The lures of pleasure have been set in place,
And the track of trolls you shall retrace,

What was pure has now been tainted,
Colours of my wrong doings have now been painted,
Paintings, the whispers of doom lingering within me initiated,
Is there a path for which I can be elevated?

I pray for mercy of the shame I’ve created,
Nay!!! to lures of the troll that had me abducted,
Oh Lord!!! forgive my sins I have repented,

I have disowned the itinerary of the disoriented,
Embraced that which You have ordained, commissioned and accredited,
Your guidance I seek through this new path I’ve taken,
Alhamdulillah I say now for everything..

©da shy poet

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