Lost Love


I remembered how we made the cloud wear the gloves of love, as our bond star the feets of moon to float down the stream of our voices.

I felt the punches of your words dancing naked to my bruised memories waving at my feelings like tomorrow craving for yesterday.

Since you left me;
My soul wore the jacket of lost love, swooshing pass the track of snail staring at her shell knowing you aren’t mine as my thoughts made my heart tour the flames of hell cause of your act.

My soul got blind;
As I spread my arms to thunderstorm, kissing every strikes of rain hoping to see you coast back to my lips with your beauty of eclipse reviving our lives of rainbow.

The love we had was like a garden of beautiful roses.

Beautiful, blooming with colors and fragrance.

We were once love birds suspended in flight,
Free in the air away from the heat of our roofings.

You were the peacock I had which brought beauty and sensation to my world.

Your beauty was far beyond the brains of a simpleton.

Your lips carved with beauty,
The love you fed me was pure honey
Making my soul grow

Loosing your love stabbed my heart,
Making it shatter, living me lifeless.

The once blooming love turned into venom placing my life on the line.

©MBH X Khulthum_ib

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