I remember the shores of our moments veiling in Shyness

As the achy throat of dawn purging out the memories of yesterday in awedness

With my mind throwing up the moments my heart was yearning for in flames of emptiness

My ears wet in silence consoling my eyes full of dry pool in slyness

Memories roaming my thoughts

My voice chained by my tongue and dethroned by your promises of yester years

The dancing future u revealed through your smiles

Crawled out of my emotions like bubbles created by my soul’s missing niddle

Whenever I hear your laughter through my eyes

I see how you made your heart the river for all souls to swim

Using my feelings as a step stool

Be my roller coaster and coast back to me like the touring slap of time in hands of seconds

I want this caught memories to escape outta my life as your love beckons my soul


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