OH! 2020.

Let me remind you as you are planning on departing,
The terrible scars you left us would be told amongst top histories. And
Would remain forever

Oh, 2020
The Almighty is the best of planners
Maybe thats why plans for you was scattered

Oh, 2020
We should be celebrating not mourning
You welcomed us with a pandamic
You backup with raping leaving no one out of it from infants to old from men to women
Leaders looting food
Silencing, starving and threatening the youth

Is this how much our sins are
We lost a lot of friends and families
We are mute, confused, traumatized and scared
Youths suffering and dieing from depression every now and then
Are you happy now???

Oh, 2020
When would we smile, celebrate, and be free again, when????

Oh, 2020
The disaster came in form of a plague
Then war was Imminent as a disaster

©Firdausy BKN

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