Public speaking is regarded as a great asset for those that are good in it, it is an asset that can last for as long as fifty to sixty years especially in this our era and it could also serve as a liability for those that cannot address the crowd or place proper communication, as a result it is very much important to be outspoken and outright in speaking, that fold of confidence is what binds the speakers and the listeners and help glue them to their respective seats.

Often time we believe public speaking to be a gift or a rare talent, but this is not entirely true,
Public speaking is what can be learned and practiced, most good speakers obviously started out as beginners and grew their speaking ability overtime.
The essence of putting out this particular article is to remind us that public speaking is part of our lives and we cannot help but embrace it.
We need to give speeches’ in weddings, eulogies, parties, business meetings and other important functions, so therefore, we need to prepare our minds and souls for what is coming.
I remember a time I was called upon to address a crowd of no fewer than fifty people, at the beginning I was praying for the grounds to swallow my pathetic soul, I didn’t know what to say, do or even address, I proceeded to saying my warmest greetings, “I was like good morning everyone, I am standing before you to address all of you” first of, that was a bad impression I put out there, obviously I didn’t know it was already one o’clock in the afternoon and I greeted them with good morning, all out of phobia and stage freight and imagine me saying that; ”I was standing before them to actually address them”, wow was that a joke or what? Everyone knows I was there to address them already, so I needed not to repeat myself……. well to cut the story short I started out poorly but got back the confidence the more I spoke and engaged in activities,
anyways public speaking is not an easy task but we must understand that it is an art we can’t escape from whether now or later in the future.
I started loving to speak more and more because it became part of me, I read communication books and also watched tutorials on public speaking it has actually helped shaped my communication, speech delivery and self-confidence, I grew from addressing not fewer than fifty audience to addressing more than hundred audience in a space of five months, what an incredible growth for me.
And I was really inspired by the books I read and the video tutorials I probably watched that actually resulted to me organizing online webinars and programs that are related to public speaking and capacity building.

©MD Alhassan

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