I was lying on bed in the night with my eyes closed,
My heart was flooded with the memories I had with you,
I went on a journey into my mind,my heart and my soul,
Lying in your arms was my body,
Receiving the warmth of your hands in the chilled night,

You narrated stories for me while the moon kept smiling at us,
We had a night walk and the stars shined upon us,
The birds sang lullabies for us non stop,
We were standing under the trees dancing to the rythms of what we heard,
The leaves of the trees were dancing with us in the cool breeze,

I felt like angels came from heaven showering their blessings on us,
The night whispered into my ears,
Other parts of my body were panting,
They were so eager to listen to what it said,
The love between you is the strongest force in the world and nothing can overpower it, said the night.

©Faoziyah the Blue_ _Flame

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