I am from the Ghetto

My ears only knows silence when the street is bleeding

I only know peace when there’s riot

I breathe only when there’s crisis

My lips are cute whenever I kiss weed

My voice is soft whenever I feel the touch of liquor fondling my throat

My eyes are glowing whenever I see souls crying

I love the smells of pollution cause that’s my fragrance

Prison is the only place I feel secured

Here’s my reason

The tales to my stories

I am from the Ghetto

Yes I am!
But I don’t wanna walk round the hood with Stiletto instead I want to walk with pen too

I don’t want a future with bottles instead give me books

I don’t wanna be a tout of destruction instead make me a scout of perfection

As I shout silently to strive for education

Don’t flatter my tongues with insults instead show me words and wait for the results

i don’t wanna go to parties to brag instead I want to visit the libraries with bags

I am a Ghetto child with the right to dream.

*Believe in MBH*

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