2021/2022 fully funded MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program in the American University of beirut

Deadline: 18th March 2021.

The American University of Beirut in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation annual schorship award has resumed collecting applications for it’s 2021-2022 scholarship program.

The aim of the program is to enable young minds to become symbols of change in their societies, countries, and regions at large.
Therefore, the candidates of the Mastercard Foundation scholarship will benefit alot from career counselling, mentoring, internships and preparatory courses at various Institutions organised for them in order to equip them with the set of skills needed to bring change to their various environments.

Scholarship Eligibility: in order to be eligable applicants most ensure they are;

African Nationals,
Lebanon Nationals and,
Refugee and displaced persons living in lebanon.

Scholarship Incentives

Financial Support(Full Tuition and living expenses).
Medical Insurance.
Provision of School Materials.
Adequate supervision and support.
Oppurtunity for candidates to support community development.

Application Processes

  • Upload specified document requirements in the application form.
  • Once you reach the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Box in the application under the “financial oppurtunities” click on Apply in order to get financial survey link specific to the scholarship that needs to be filled and submitted before the specified deadline.
  • An email containing a link for the financial application will be sent to you a day after submitting your online application form.

N.B remember to complete fully the Mastercard foundation financial application and submit before the stated deadline.

  • Submit also Proof of meeting Readiness for University studies in English(RUSE) requirments before April 19th, 2021.

For more enquires feel free to visit the official website of the AUB Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program 2021/2022.

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