The Federal Govenment (FG) Of Nigeria Guidelines For School Resumption on 18th January

The Federal government of Nigeria guidelines for school resumption on 18th of January has been released. According to the federal government the guidelines were set out to ensure the safety of the students, lectures, and society at large from the Corona pandemic.

List of FG Guidelines

  • Parents, teachers, students and workers within the school premises must be in compliance with covid-19 protocols such as wearing of facemask, staying 2 meters away from each other, and washing hands regularly.
  • Hand washing facilities must be made available in strategic positions within the school premises including adequate temperature checks.
  • Schools ensure adequate supply of water and hand sanitizers.
  • Social distancing rule should be maintained and gatherings that will accommodate large number of crowd should be suspended
  • Overcrowding of classrooms and hostels should be avoided.
  • School management must ensure health facilities are functional and have facilities for isolation and also transporting of Suspected cases to medical facilities.
  • Complaince with other non-pharmaceutical protocols and Covid-19 containment measures as prescribed or approved by the PTF from time to time.
  • Meaures implemented to ensure the safe reopening of school must be subjected to constant review.
  • Teachers, School administrators and other stakeholders should ensure adequate compliance with the Covid-19 protocols.
  • Schools and other educational bodies planning to reopen must have proper communication protocols that include parents, school authorities and health teams including local state officials.
  • Provision of regular updates to parents, school staffs and relevant authorities including communicating of changes in procedures effectively as well as putting measures to understand how Covid-19 can spread and also ways to mitigate the spread.
  • School management are responsible for making sure that everyone gaining access to the school premises is properly Screened, wears a mask and washes or sanitize their hands.
  • Boarding Schools must have identified areas for screening and keeping positive students aside.
  • Health staffs, particularly in boarding schools, must be trained and provided with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Proper waste management systems must be adopted.
  •  Health facilities that are within the schools that serve the schools should have the ability to cater for an outbreak and a response protocol must be in place for these schools for students who test positive. In this regard, it is important to involve their parents and make sure that parents have signed consent forms in advance.
  • Schools should endeavour to work hand in hand with local government rapid response teams and also collaborate with state ministries of health on planning implementation and reopening of schools.

For more information about the FG’s guidelines visit the official website of the Ministry Of education

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