transcendence Masterclass 2.0: Africa’s Largest Online Poetry learning HUB

Deadline: 28th February, 2021

Transcendence Masterclass which is popularly known to be Africa’s largest Online Poetry Learning HUB or Masterclass, graduates over 200 writers annually. The Transcendence Master class facilitates expert-controlled classes, ivy-league, generative workshops, MFA-sourced exercises, personalized consultations, hands-on poetry projects as well as integrative, community assessments.

With Transcendence Masterclass you can learn poetry anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. Watch tons of lessons from the master tutors as they share their stories, skills, shortcuts, failures and successes. Be acquainted with the kind of tone, elements and styles of poetry that work for you, & also get PAID for it! You can also master the elements of language, the complexity of form and its relation to subject, the feel of the line, the image, the play of sound, the range, the music and the spark of a poem — all within one month!

What to Expect at the Transcendence Masterclass 2.0
  • 70+ new writer-friends 
  • 30+ days of drillings 
  • 10+ classes
  • 5+ exercises
  • 5+ expert tutors
  • 4+ quizzes / tests / exams 
  •  2+ workshops
  • 1.30 mins everyday lesson
  • Free consultation

So, why not: Become?! Explore?! And Discover?! You’re a step towards mastery & posterity.

What the Transcendence Masterclass 2.0 will offer
  • Certificates only by merit.
  • Daily reminder of classes.
  • In-class freebies and contests.
  • 100+ Community of writer-friends.
  • Discount on subsequent masterclasses.
  • PDF compilation of all classes.
  • Best participant gets money back.
  • Promotion on all social media pages.
  • Video + Audio + Texts + Interactive Classes
  • 365 days of career support
  • Free copies of books by transcendentalists.
  • Vibes, vibes & vibes
Benefits of the What the Transcendence Masterclass 2.0
  • Improved clarity, technicality & expression
  • Secrets to money-making in poetry
  • Secrets to a successful career in poetry
  • Secrets to journal acceptance & rejection
  • Secrets to ninja-writing
  • Publication & self-publication secrets
  • Knowledge of influence & other self skills
  • Secrets to reading & understanding poetry
  • Peer review of individual poems
  • Vibes, vibes & vibes

For more information about the masterclass training kindly visit the official website of the Transcendence Masterclass 2.0

NOTE: Candidates who apply earlier will pay only #3000 (Naira) as their registration fee while those who register late will have to pay #5000 (Naira).

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