The K and l Prize 2021: Call for application

Deadline: 21st March, 2021

The K and L Prize which was founded and sponsored by the New Zealand based Nigerian writer, Myles Ojabo, awards $1000 (New Zealand Dollars) to the best piece of unpublished fiction. The Myles Ojabo K and L prize 2021 is the third edition and is currently calling for applications from African writer around the world.

NOTE: The theme for the K and L prize 2021 panel of judges will include Sisca Julius (winner of K and L prize 1st edition from South Africa), Su’ur Agema and Myles Ojabo himself.

The K And L Prize 2021 Theme

Madness (The term could mean insanity or aberrant behaviour, depending on how the writer interprets it.)

Eligibility Criteria for the K And L Prize 2021
  • Only African writers are eligible to submit
  • Writers must be between 18 and 25 years of age
  • No entry fee
  • Stories should be centred on the them

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Submission Procedures for the K And L Prize 2021
  • Entries must not have been previously published.
  • Email subject should have the name of the short stories, age of the applicant, and ‘2021 K and L prize’.
  • Submissions must be in English and should reflect the theme, ‘Madness’.
  • Only one entry per writer is allowed.
  • Stories must not be more than 2000 words.
  • The submission should be in Microsoft Word.
  • Entries should be sent to
The K And L Prize 2021 Benefits
  • $1000 (New Zealand)
  • Publication for longlisted stories
  • Free e-copy of Anthology for all longlisted writers
The K And L Prize 2021 Benefits Terms and Conditions
  • Only the winner is entitled to have the cash prize of $1000 (New Zealand dollars). In the case where there are joint winners, the prize money will be shared.
  • Writers that eventually make the longlist are required to submit a copy of their birth certificate.
  • Stories of writers on the longlist would be publicized and published in the K and L Anthology: Full Moon.
  • Every writer on the longlist will get a free e-copy of the anthology.        
  • Writers that eventually make the shortlist would be offered an interview session.
  • Writers that make the shortlist would be asked to submit their photos and other information necessary for publicizing the prize.
  • All finances raised from sales of the anthology would go towards funding and developing the K and L Prize.
  • The decisions of the judges’ on entries are final and not subject to any appeal.

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