the 2021 youth for technology Foundation (YTF) 3D Africa Internship for Nigerian Undergraduates

YTF 3D Africa Internship key details:
  • Host country: Nigeria
  • Open to: Nigerians
  • For: Undergraduates
  • Deadline: 29th March, 2021

The Youth for Technology Foundation YTF is currently inviting applications from Nigerian undergraduates for it’s 3D Africa Internship. The YTF seeks for brilliant and innovative undergraduate students willing to carry out their academic internship (SIWES) to join the organization as interns for the 2021 Cohort of 3D Africa Internship Program.

The selected interns upon joining the YTF team will be among the prestigious 3D Africa Ambassadors. They will learn from the 3D Africa program manager and the entire YTF team on 21st-century engineering/technology skills and organizational behaviours. They will be able to translate the skills they learned to tackle their immediate community challenges, gain a successful pathway into entrepreneurship and civic leadership. 

Location for the YTF 3D Africa Internship

Selected interns will be placed in one of Youth for Technology Foundation’s offices in Imo State, Nigeria, for the duration of their internship.

YTF 3D Africa Internship Duties and Responsibilities for Intern’s
  • Classroom Training: Interns will attend structured classes and workshops during the placement period.
  • Training: Support trainer for 3D Africa (for University Students) and 3D Africa Clubs in Secondary Schools.
  • Design: Support program officers to implement organization-wide programs. Involvement in program design, implementation and measuring results.
  • Program Planning: Organize and support the implementation of #HackforGood2021, 3D Africa’s annual hackathon.
  • Ambassador: Actively engage with 3D Africa stakeholders and supporters on social media to share impact stories and YTF’s work.
  • Final Project: Implement a final project based on learning acquired and internship related activities. The project must be approved by 3D Africa at the beginning of the internship and implemented satisfactorily at the conclusion of your internship after which sign off will be provided to your university

Interested candidates can click the button below to apply:

For more information visit the official website of the 2021 YTF 3D Africa Internship for Nigerians

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