Dear by. Ubandomajr

Dear future,
Hiding behind a beautiful mask
I hope your face shines just as bright
Standing before you is a happy child
Whose best ability is wearing smiles
So please,
Don’t death my soul

Dear HER,
I want to see you stand tall again
Greener than the greener pastures
Furbished in white or peace
For you I’ll sacrifice my nights
If need be gift my life
But please,
Don’t death my soul.

Dear family,
Ones on ground and those yet to arrive
Hope you are having a smooth ride
To my world filled with imperfections
Where happiness wears the crown
Amidst tomes and thorns of distraction
Laying claims to the throne
I beg of you, please….
Don’t death my soul.

Dear writer,
None knows best the pain and struggles
Battles, conflicts, wars, demonstrations and jihad
Fought in the bitty, scrappy piece of flesh
Held between your chest polished in blood
All in a bid to beat the beast
Keeping you fit to fly and smile
Your faith and belief is all you have
Without which
Your smiles will fade before
The heart pumps a drop of blood
Keep your soul alive
Don’t death my soul.

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