the 2021 Georg Forster Research Fellowship for Researchers Fully Funded in Germany

Key details:
  • Hosts: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
  • Host country: Germany
  • Open to: Developing countries [see list]
  • Targets: Graduates
  • Deadline: 30th June, 2021

Applications for the Georg Forster Research Fellowship 2021 for researchers is now ongoing.

About Georg Forster Research Fellowship

The Georg Forster Research Fellowship which is being sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation  supports postdoctoral and experienced researchers with their research in Germany.

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The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation supports researchers from all fields who have above-average qualifications. These researchers must come from developing and transitional countries, with the exception of the People’s Republic of China and India.

Georg Forster Research Fellowship Eligibility Criteria
  • You must be a citizen of a developing or transition country – excluding PR China and India;
  • You must have lived and worked in a developing or transition country for at least 12 months within the last 18 months (excluding PR China and India). If you are not living in a country from the list of countries at the time of application, you must additionally have at least a permanent job in one of the countries on the list.
  • If you obtained your university entrance qualification and university degree or your university degree and your doctorate in Germany, you can apply if you have lived and worked in one of the developing or transition countries from the list for at least five years and you intend to do so long-term.
    • For your application to be successful, you may not have lived in Germany for longer than a total of six months within the 18-month period prior to submitting your application.
  • Language Skills:
    • Natural sciences and engineering: You must have a good knowledge of German or English.
    • Humanities, social sciences and medicine: You must have a good knowledge of German if this is necessary for conducting your research successfully. Otherwise, good knowledge of English will suffice.
Georg Forster Research Fellowship Benefit
  • The Georg Forster Research Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers enables you to conduct research in Germany. The monthly fellowship amount is €2,670. Fellowships may last from 6 to 24 months.
  • For experienced researchers, the fellowship enables you to conduct research in Germany. The monthly fellowship amount is €3,170. Fellowships may last from 6 to 18 months and can be divided into up to three stays within three years.
  • In addition to the fellowship amount, you will also receive personal support throughout your sponsorship. You are flexible in determining when you would like to start your fellowship.
  • Further financial support, including family benefits for children and marital partners, subsidies for private full health insurance and allowances for travel expenses, is also available.

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Georg Forster Research Fellowship Application Procedure

Interested candidates who wish to apply for the Georg Forster Research Fellowship should submit the required documents to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation online only.

Required Documentation;

  • Curriculum vitae (two pages max)
  • Research outline (five pages max)
  • Complete list of your publications
  • List of key publications
  • Key publications
  • Doctoral certificate or proof that your doctorate has been completed successfully, or confirmation that this will be the case within the next six months
  • German language certificate, if required
  • If required: acceptance form and/or publisher’s acknowledgement of receipt and summaries/translations of key publications that are not available in English
  • In addition: host’s statement and confirmation that research facilities are available, as well as two expert reviews. Please note that these documents can only be uploaded in a protected area by the host(s) and expert reviewers personally. You can only submit your application once these documents have been uploaded. Further information and explanations can be found on the application form.

NOTE: They will send you written confirmation via email as soon as they receive your online application. They will notify you of the expected selection date after they have reviewed your documents.

For more information visit the official website of Georg Forster Research Fellowship 2021

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