Call for Application: 2021 SC Women In Tech Incubator (WITI) Program For Nigerian Female Entrepreneurs

SC Women In Tech Incubator
Key details:

Applications for the SC Women In Tech Incubator Program For Nigerian Female Entrepreneurs 2021 are currently ongoing.

About the SC Women In Tech Incubator Program
SC Women In Tech Incubator

This program intends to encourage female entrepreneurship, in line with demand for greater diversity in the tech industry and more opportunities for women to gain entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

The SC Women in Tech Incubator in Nigeria’s mission is to give incubation support to early-to-mid-stage professionals in the technology and business sectors, with a focus on females who are more likely to have the domain knowledge, experience, and perseverance to deliver outcomes.

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For many years, as a bank in Nigeria, we have focused on education for young women through platforms such as GOAL>. We’ve invested in more women entrepreneurs focused on technology around the world, with the first project launching in October 2014 in New York and the second in September 2017 in Kenya.

We’ve also just opened offices in Pakistan and Nigeria, with plans to expand our tech incubator and accelerator programs for women across Africa and the Middle East in the coming years.

Eligibility Criteria

SC Women In Tech Incubator is seeking to recruit women-led start-up businesses that leverage technology as a key driver of innovation. The business: 

  • Must be women-led start-up businesses that leverage technology needs of the county 
  • Must be based in Nigeria, and should be aligned with the needs of the country 
  • Must sustainable and scalable 
  • Must be properly aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals. 
  • Should have been in operation for a minimum of 12 months 
  • Should be seeking support for proof of concept, customer, product, and business model development 
  • Should have evidence of pre-revenue traction (users). Although post revenue is preferable. 
  • The principal founder must be a Nigerian woman between the ages of 18 and 35 
  • Should be able to provide all company registration documents including Certificate of Corporation, to confirm the authenticity of the business 

For Applicants with Business ideas:

  • An innovative idea that leverages web or mobile technology to solve a problem/issue 
  • The idea must improve on an existing process/solution or be completely new i.e. hasn’t been done locally. 
  • Adequately researched problem with a clear picture of the target segment it affects 
  • The team should have skills to build the solution (or have access to technical skills) 
  • Full-time commitment for 6 months spent building the solution and conduct market validation to understand your potential users.

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Application Procedure

Interested candidates can click the button below to apply:

For more information visit the official website of SC Women In Tech Incubator (WITI) Program

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