Call for Application: The Future is Female Mentorship Program 2021

The Future Is Female Mentorship
Key details

Applications for the 2021 Future Is Female Mentorship Program are currently ongoing.

About the Future Is Female Mentorship Program
The Future Is Female Mentorship

The Future is Female Mentorship Program is a supplemental public relations (PR) and communications program aimed solely towards African female tech founders’ business growth needs. In the male-dominated tech field, African female tech founders are frequently disregarded and disregarded, and the initiative aims to empower and encourage this group.

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The Future is Female Mentorship Program gives PR and communications expertise, experience, and insights to African female tech founders of early-stage firms in order to assist them to expand their businesses and get more visibility in order to attract customers, investors, and strategic collaborations.

Eligibility Criteria

They are interested in resilient, resourceful, and savvy female founders with demonstrated traction in building their tech-enabled business; they require that:

  • The business is less than two years old.
  • You are female-founded or have at least one woman who is part of the co-founder team.
  • Your company is Africa-focused serving African markets or Africans in the Diaspora.
  • The company is an early-stage startup (pre-series A investment).
  • You have a business plan in place.
  • You have a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Ideally, a functional website.
  • You have launched your startup and have initial traction (i.e., money, users, etc.)
  • A customized online master class with Claudine Moore MD/Founder, CMM and Adjunct Professor, New York University;
  • Insights into the fundamentals of PR and communications for Africa-focused start-ups;
  • Practical examples of how to incorporate storytelling into your communications;
  • A topline review of The Three T’s: Theme, Tone, and Timing of communications and content creation;
  • Information on how to create an actionable communications campaign;
  • An overview of media relations with an outline of the differences between the hyper-local, regional and global press;
  • COVID Communications: Learn how the media landscape has changed and how this affects your business;
  • Tips on business relationship development with a cross-section of stakeholders;
  • Three one-hour one-on-one mentoring sessions specific to your business and sector.

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Application Procedure

Interested candidates who wish to apply can click the button below:

NOTE: The program will close at 11:59 pm (WAT) on Monday, July 5th, and the successful female founders will be announced on Monday, July 26.

For more information see FAQs or visit the official website of Future is Female Mentorship.

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