2021 Universitas Internasional Islamic Indonesia: UIII Financial Aid and Scholarships [fully funded]

UIII Financial Aid And Scholarships 2021
Key details
  • Host: UIII
  • Open to: All nationals
  • Target: Graduates
  • Deadline: 7th July 2021
UIII Financial Aid And Scholarships 2021

Applications for the 2021 UIII Financial Aid and Scholarships are ongoing. The Universitas Internasional Islamic Indonesia (UIII) will award

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about 100 subject-based full scholarships to both Indonesian and international students for the 2021 academic year.

Eligibility Criteria
  • The UIII Financial Aid and Scholarships are available for both domestic and international students.
  • Your most recent University Degree.
  • Transcripts in English or Bahasa Indonesian (Secondary / Pre – University; University; Post Graduate – if any). If your transcripts are not in English, please ensure that they are officially translated before you submit them. Any transcripts that do not meet the above requirements will be rejected and your submission will be disqualified.
  • Your most current Curriculum Vitae.
  • Your Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement (approx. 1,500 words). This statement must be about 1,500 words and it must include: the subject/topic that you wish to study; why this topic interests you and; how it will be useful to your career in the future.
  • Your TOEFL or IELTS (English Scores) / TOAFL (Arabic Scores only for Islamic Studies) language test score results.
  • 2 Referees willing to fill out our form, that recommends you to be enrolled in Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia.
  • The Universitas Internasional Islamic Indonesia: UIII Financial Aid And Scholarships provides Tuition fee and living expenses for successful applicants

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Application Procedure
  • Applicants for the UIII Financial Aid and Scholarships must first enroll full-time in a master’s or doctoral program at the university before applying for the scholarship.
  • Meeting deadlines is critical to a successful admissions process. Learn about all of the deadlines for your admissions application:
    • The following are the key dates for application to each academic year
Starting EndingEvent
07MondayJune, 2021 July 7thUIII Scholarships and Registration
20MondaySep, 2021 September 24thOrientation and Matriculation
27MondaySep, 2021 February 22nd 2022Fall Semester Academic Year 2021
  • All university applicants must submit an English Language Proficiency Certificate in the form of a TOEFL or IELTS test taken within the last 12 months of application submission. Only for the Faculty of Islamic Studies, where prospective students must submit a TOAFL-based Arabic Language Proficiency Certificate.

For more information visit the official website of Universitas Internasional Islamic Indonesia: UIII Financial Aid and Scholarships.

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