When the stars of independence glitter,
Children run to break the news to their mothers;
Freedom has come they say,
For a nation that stood the test of time
And fought different battles to be free.

Today like in past years,
We stand on our feet
To celebrate the Nigeria of our past heroes,
Whose bravery and nationalism bought us this far;

Today like in past years,
We have come together as one entity
To celebrate what history has for us in his books,
Including the blood and sweat;

We carry the National Flag on our shoulders,
With our hearts painted Green White Green
Symbolizes how fruitful our lands are
And how we have longed for a peace that has never come.

We are celebrating the Giant of Africa,
Our one and only home,
Singing the songs of freedom,
Hoping that one day this Freedom will truly mean Freedom.

Independence: written by Yahuza Abdulkadir


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