7 Signs That Reveal Your Travel Agency is Fake

Fake Travel Agency

Over the years I have heard people talking about how they got scammed by fake Travel agencies trying to relocate to Canada.

Well come to think of it, people find it hard to make adequate research on important matters such as this.

Always remember everyone out there is looking for a means of survival and without the proper information you might as well end up being swindled.

So before diving into any relocation or travel decision these days you probably would want to look at facts thoroughly.

For those willing to travel or relocate soon or in the nearest future it is important you go through this article twice or thrice to avoid being a victim of FAKE Travel Agencies.

Signs Revealing a Fake Travel Agency

1. Always Check References:

If a travel agency is assuring you that they can get you a visa to Canada or any other country, try asking them for facts about visas and trips they have secured for clients in the past and their success.

These fake agencies will tell you stories of how they helped clients in the past but when you ask for proof, they sway you into another different subject matter.

These helps you reduce the risk of being scammed as an Agency with a well sorted out resume and testimonies from clients will be a good place to start from.

P.S the agency should be able to provide you with all information about visas.

2. Ensure Travel Agency is Registered:

Working with an unregistered travel agency should be avoided at all costs.

Most fake agencies won’t go about registering their company with the appropriate authorities because they don’t have time for all the hassle.

To ensure that you are working with a legitimate agency, it should be a registered member of a registered and recognized association.

3. Availability of Physical Address:

Given that we live in a digital world, most of these fake travel agencies would tell you that they are only available online or that you can meet at a pre-arranged location.

Some might even make you believe the only way to reach them is via phone calls (i.e they will always be the ones to contact you).

They will refuse to interact with you via email, SMS, or any other method that allows you to save and recover discussions. They always do this to protect themselves from any dire outcomes.

Before transacting with a travel agency, ensure they have a physical office they operate.

 Mind you don’t listen to agents who only meet you from time to time in a particular spot. In my opinion, that’s something fishy.

4. Request for Contractual Agreements:

Before fully committing to an agency, inquire if they’ll offer you contractual Agreements.

This helps you detect any foul play. Contractual agreements are binding and if the agency is fake, they will try persuading you to forget such thinking and follow their instructions.

In case you plan to transact with a travel agency refusing to provide legal documentation for their procedures or processes, run and don’t look back.

5. Bogus Website:

Most of these dubious agencies tend to pose like an already approved travel Agency. They create fake websites to collect information (debit/credit card details, bank details) from clients like you and after some time the site goes off.

A reputable travel agency website is always secured (has a padlock icon before the site’s URL) but if the site doesn’t have the padlock icon, you have visited an unsecured website and all your information provided might be compromised.

Furthermore, the website’s contents are typically inadequate, with little or no information about what you are looking for.

Carrying out in-depth research on social media about the agency you are transacting with can be helpful, in most cases, reputable travel agencies have their pages or handle verified.

When you visit a travel Agency website for the first time, I recommend paying attention to the details.

6. Operational Mode:

If you failed to notice all the signs above, then pay close attention to this because if they beat you here your chances of being scammed just increased to 98%.

Real Travel Agencies will always tell you to go by the book anything short of that is a red flag.

If by chance an Agency tells you to follow shortcuts or break rules, step back and seek expertise elsewhere.

7. Insisting You Pay Cash:

Fake agencies will always tell you to pay in cash, unlike a genuine Travel Agency which accepts cash transfers.

These fake agencies will insist on receiving payment in cash since the money paid in cash can never be traced.

As a traveler, you need to be alert at all times.

Let’s conclude by saying we have offered you first-hand tips on how to spot a fake travel agency. So when you approach an agency and you find them having any of the signs listed above in their functions run for your MONEY!!!

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