Apply for the WISE Awards 2023 ($20,000 cash prize)

Deadline: December 1, 2022

Applications are invited for the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards 2023. Each year, the WISE Awards recognize and promote six successful and innovative projects that are addressing global educational challenges.

Since 2009, WISE has received more than 4,900 applications from over 150 countries. Today, 84 projects have been awarded, from a wide variety of sectors and locations for their innovation, positive contribution and ability to adapt and scale.

These projects represent a growing resource of expertise and sound educational practice. Every year WISE is building a community of educational innovators that offers a fertile environment for groundbreaking collaborations. Today the WISE Awards network comprises pioneering projects that are bringing positive change to societies and communities


Winning projects are supported by WISE through different channels:

  • Money Prize: Each WISE Awards winning project will receive US$20,000. 
  • WISE Communications: Projects recognized by WISE are featured on the website, showcased and shared with the WISE community via social media. 
  • Multimedia productions: Special documentaries and videos are produced to showcase the work of the winning projects. 
  • WISE Books: Several WISE Awards finalists and winning projects have been featured in WISE Books which explore current challenges and solutions facing 21st-century education. 
  • The Global Summit and [email protected]: Representatives from Award winning projects are also given the opportunity to present and discuss their work at dedicated sessions during the global biennial summit in Doha, Qatar or WISE regional summits, [email protected] In addition, projects are offered an opportunity to participate in global events organized in collaboration with WISE. 
  • Support to other WISE programmes: Representative of former winning projects have been involved in other WISE projects, either through mentorship, participation in the selection processes, and fellowship programmes.


  • Ongoing/existing education projects run by any type of organization such as colleges, universities, academic networks, schools consortia, civil society and community organizations, governments, international agencies and private-sector companies working in the field of education are invited to apply or nominate.
  • Projects can also belong to any education sector such as pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational training, higher education, special needs education, informal learning, and distance-based, non-formal and lifelong learning.
  • Projects from any part of the world can apply or be nominated for the WISE Awards.

The ideal project would be an ongoing, innovative and impactful education initiative that:

  • Has an excellent record of proven success
  • Is financially sustainable
  • Has a clear plan indicating the project’s future objectives and future development
  • Is scalable
  • Is replicable in other contexts and regions of the world
  • Has a clear understanding and knowledge of:
    • its innovative nature;
    • its distinctiveness within its sphere of action, and;
    • the type and depth of its impact on its beneficiaries.


All applications and nominations should be completed on the official form in English. Eligible applications and nominations will be evaluated by a Pre-jury according to the guidelines. Twelve to fifteen finalists will be selected by Qatar Foundation; a Jury will make the final selection of six winning projects.

Applications and nominations can be submitted by December 1, 2022 (deadline at 13:00 GMT).

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For more information, visit WISE Awards.

By Bello

Ismail Bello is a content creator and enthusiast who is passionate about youth development.