How Would Child Psychologists Rate Their Pay and Job Satisfaction?

Child psychologists work with individuals ages 17 and younger. They help these individuals cope with life while managing their social connections, mental health issues, as well as behavioral and emotional issues. To do so, the psychologists study children from the age of birth to 17.

What should a person know before pursuing a career in this field?

Before pursuing a child psychology degree, a person needs to understand what they will do when working in this field. Child psychologists work in different settings. Some people choose to work in a counseling center or private practice. Other child psychologists work in a mental health facility or school.

Wherever they work, they help children deal with significant changes in their lives. In addition, they treat various mental health conditions that affect children and help these children make changes that will improve their mental health.

A child psychologist may also give presentations on various mental health topics. This could be eating disorders, anxiety, or another condition completely. They share ways to seek help when a child is struggling with a mental health issue.

To serve as a child psychologist, a person must have a master’s degree or higher. However, most candidates choose to pursue a doctoral degree. In fact, most states now require this type of degree. It falls on the student to know what is required in the state where they plan to practice.

In addition to this degree, the child psychologist takes part in a formal training program. This tends to be an internship where they will work with an established psychologist and learn from them. Furthermore, most licensing programs require a few years of practical experience before the individual can sit for a license.

The requirements for licensure vary by state. However, they typically require a person to sit for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. The passing threshold is determined by the state, along with the score requirements.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologists working in clinical settings, counseling, and schools earned a median salary of $81,040 in 2021. The pay is determined by the setting, the location, and more. Individuals who choose to work in private practice or oversee others tend to make the highest pay.

The top ten percent of earners brought in more than $133, 000 a year. On the other end of the spectrum, the lowest ten percent of child psychologists brought in median pay of $47,850 or less. Keep this in mind when pursuing job opportunities.

Psychologists, in general, tend to be happy in their jobs. They know they are helping people and making their lives better. Of those who have shared information on their satisfaction in this field, they rate it highly.

The job outlook for clinical, counseling, and school psychologists remains good in the coming years. In fact, this subspecialty is expected to grow at a faster rate than the job outlook for all psychologists. School-based and counseling services should see the largest increase in job openings.

Anyone who is looking for a career where they can help others on a daily basis should consider pursuing a career in psychology. Those who love children will find they can help young people live a better life when they work in this field. Learn more today about this opportunity and its many benefits.

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