Nigeria Energy Forum (NEF) Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Contest (TIEC) 2024 for Nigerian students

Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Contest (TIEC) aims to promote student-led clean energy innovations, awareness, and investments across higher education institutions in Nigeria. In 2023, the TIEC was co-created by NEF and sponsored by All On, an impact investment firm.

Host: Nigeria Energy Forum (NEF)
Open to: Nigerians
Target: Entrepreneurs
Deadline: May 7, 2024
About the Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Contest 2024

The Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Contest (TIEC) 2024 will gather high-impact energy innovations across student teams from tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Shortlisted teams will be invited to Pitch ideas live in-person or hybridly at the 9th Nigeria Energy Forum at Marcellina Centre, along with the Radisson Hotel, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria. Winning teams will be awarded a share of over 3 million Naira.

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The 2024 key themes are:

  • Powering Agribusiness; 
  • Energizing Healthcare;
  • Local Manufacturing &
  • Cleaner Production
Eligibility Criteria

The Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Contest (TIEC) is open to tertiary Institution students in Nigeria:

  • Teams must be formed by undergraduate/masters students, registered in tertiary institutions in Nigeria, including universities, polytechnics, technical colleges & other degree-awarding institutions;
  • Teams may be formed across different departments/faculty within an institution to foster collaboration and innovation;
  • A faculty/institutional staff member MUST mentor student teams. Student chapters of professional institutions, including IEEE, IEEE/NiMechE/NSE, and others are also encouraged to apply; and
  • Gender equity/balance in team composition is strongly encouraged & MUST be implemented across all stages of the project from ideation to delivery.
  • Past TIEC Winners are strongly encouraged to serve as ambassadors, by promoting the opportunity across their region, and mentoring upcoming teams rather than re-submitting previous entries.

The Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Contest (TIEC) selection process key dates are:

  • 7th May 2024 – Stage 1: Submit Pitch Deck (with a maximum of 7 slides) to outline the idea, problem statement, proposed innovation solution; cost-benefit analysis; team composition, and impact.
  • 9th June 2024 – Notification of Shortlisted entries to proceed to Stages 2 and 3;
  • 17th June 2024 – Stage 2: Shortlisted entries submit a 1-page Poster to illustrate the concept, technical design, delivery plan, & cost/benefit analysis. Upload a 1-minute Pitch video by the team on social media.
  • 8th–9th July. 2024 – Stage 3: Arrival in Lagos; Poster Presentation; Live Pitch Finals & Awards at NEF2024
  • 21st Nov. 2024 – Winners are to submit a 120-second video, present highlights of progress & grant impact.

Eligibility for Round 2:

  • The top 15 teams shortlisted from Round 1 will be invited to nominate up to 3 representatives, comprising 2 students (including at least 1 woman) plus 1 faculty member, who will attend training, present a poster, and pitch a proposed solution at Round 2 finals on July 9th July.
  • Posters must not exceed 1 page and are expected to briefly describe the proposed solution, technical design, economic feasibility, timescales for developing prototypes or trials, the proposed business model, and target users/market.
  • Posters must be submitted by June 9th, 2024, and these will be assessed by the independent panel of judges.
  • Also, valid proof of studentship and a staff ID must be provided for two students and 1 faculty member per team.
  • On 17th June 2023, Posters will be presented by each of the 15 teams to participants, from 8.30 am.

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Eligibility for Round 3:

  • Each team will make a 2-minute Pitch to demonstrate the proposed energy innovation solution. Team pitches could be accompanied by optional visual illustrations/aids such as prototypes/models/simulations to enhance the pitch, as needed.
  • The average of independent expert panel scores with weighting indicated in brackets will be taken across Round 1 (30%), Round 2 (40%), and Round 3 (30%), to determine winners.
  • The top 3 winners will be awarded grants, and progress monitored across July to October to identify how the ideas develop, and the most successful project(s) will be invited to present progress at the 21st Nov. Webcast.
  • Teamship and team performance will also be assessed in Round 3 in addition to the technical/economic assessment criteria used in Round 1 & Round 2.
Application Procedure

Applicants interested can click here to apply

  • Submit a Pitch Deck (with a maximum of 7 slides) to outline the idea, problem statement, innovation potential, and impact;
  • Shortlisted entries are invited to present a Poster to illustrate the concept, technical design, delivery plan, and cost/benefit analysis at NEF2023 Day
  • Finalists are invited to submit 90 seconds video pitch to summarize the innovation

For more information, visit the Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Contest (TIEC)

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