Rootcamp Startup Accelerator Programme 2023 (up to €50,000 in funding)

Deadline: January 16, 2023

Applications are open for the Rootcamp Startup Accelerator Programme 2023. The programme focuses on scaling your idea at its full potential and helps you build an international network with top VCs, business angels and top class corporate partners.

For Early-stage startups: The programme entails a 3-months acceleration phase including access to the ecosystem, all learning resources, and funding to make you investor-ready. After that, you will have the possibility to get additional 9 months to further define, develop and pilot your product/technology in cooperation with corporate partners.

For Later-stage startups: You will get a 3 to 12 months period to get real market validation. The goal is to have your solution implemented within the corporate real-world environment through pilot projects and accelerate your growth. You profit either from a new variant of your product/technology or from new customers to enter the European market.

Target Areas

  • Agriculture Biotechnology
  • Agribusiness marketplaces
  • Bioenergy & Biomaterial
  • Farm Management Software, Sensing or IoT, Farm Robotics
  • Mechanization & Equipment
  • Innovative Food & Ingredient
  • Supply chain solutions
  • Green B2B Packaging
  • Logistics of agricultural or food products
  • Novel Farming Systems and Community solutions


  • Personalized programme: They designed the programme around your needs to help you achieve your goals. They focus the programme on all aspects relevant for you such as legal & tax, marketing & PR, sales & internationalization, IT & HR. 
  • Working space: You will have an office to work for free in Hannover. In addition, a strategic partner K+S can offer lab space in Wunstorf at the Innopark Sigmundshall.
  • Expertise: An extensive network of experts in all fields as well as personalized coaching sessions and an online learning platform.
  • Focus on implementation: You will work together with big companies, such as K+S, and get traction through pilot projects.
  • Capital and equity free: You can get up to 50k euro in funding, while you keep 100% ownership of your startup.


  • You are change makers and entrepreneurs, who are passionate, committed and forward looking. The main selection criteria are you, your team and your ideas.
  • Your startup has a solution in the B2B Agri-Food Tech sector in the so-called upstream area of the value chain. The target areas are: Agriculture Biotechnology; Agribusiness marketplaces; Bioenergy & Biomaterial; Farm Management Software, Sensing or IoT, Farm Robotics; Mechanization & Equipment; Innovative Food & Ingredients; Supply chain solutions; Green B2B Packaging; Logistics of agricultural or food products; Novel Farming Systems and Community solutions.
  • They accept startups from all around the world and from all stages (pre-seed, seed, or late stage startup).
  • They require participants to be fluent in business English, but application can be in German too.


Be ready to upload your current and up-to-date pitch deck as a PDF (10-15 slides) or pitching video (7-10min). Your pitch should include all typical information: What is the problem? What is your solution (product or service)? Who are customers? What is the size of the market? Who are competitors? How do you make money? Who are you (team)? What do your action plan and financial planning look like?

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For more information, visit Rootcamp Startup Accelerator.

By Bello

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