ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2023 (€6,000 prize)

Deadline: March 20, 2023

Applications are open for the ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2023. The Award aims to publicly recognize individuals, entities or institutions that, outstandingly and extensively, have worked and contributed to promoting and building peace.

The International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP), created by the Parliament of Catalonia in 2007, is a public organization, with the characteristics of an institution, but independent of the Government and private entities, and with its own legal personality. ICIP aims to promote a culture of peace in Catalonia and around the world, to facilitate the peaceful resolution and transformation of conflicts, and to ensure that Catalonia plays an active role as an agent of peace.


  • The ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2023 consists of an honorary distinction, public recognition, a sculpture created by Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and a €6,000 reward


  • Eligible for this Award are natural and non-profit legal persons from around the world that have made an outstanding contribution to the construction and promotion of peace in Catalonia or in any other country.
  • No Award will be granted posthumously
  • Nominations that were not successful in previous editions may be submitted again this year.
  • Only a maximum of two applications per applicant will be accepted. If any applicant presents more than two applications, only the last two applications registered will count.
  • Self-nominated candidates will not be accepted.

Evaluation Criteria

The Jury will particularly value the following aspects to Grant the Award:

  • The merits of the nominee based on the required documentation submitted and, if applicable, on additional publicly available documentation compiled by ICIP.
  • The prolonged engagement and strong commitment of the nominee in the construction and promotion of peace at an international, national or local level.
  • The intrinsic pertinence and relevance of the actions undertaken to promote the values explicitly highlighted by the call for nominations.
  • The impact and influence of the nominee’s actions on society, communities or people in the international, national or local sphere.
  • The recognized prestige of the individuals or legal entities that submit or endorse the candidacy.


The applications can be registered electronically, through here (in Spanish), or they can be registered in person at any administrative register of the Spanish state and an embassy or consulate outside Spain.

For more information, visit Award-2023/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>ICIP Peace in Progress Award.