Swift Institute/GBSN Case Writing Grant Competition 2022 (up to $5,000)

Deadline: November 15, 2022

Applications are open for the Swift Institute/GBSN Case Writing Grant Competition 2022. The SWIFT Institute – GBSN Case writing grant will support the development of one teaching case and one research case developed by faculty based in the target countries in Latin America.

The threat of cybersecurity raises a number of questions for financial institutions and how they interact with each other, especially for those based in emerging economies. The geographical focus of the grant competition will be on the following countries: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Panama and Dominican Republic.


The selected applicants will be awarded:

  • $5,000 USD for the production of one teaching case (for classroom teaching purposes)
  • $5,000 USD for the production of one research case (for publication and online distribution purposes)
  • or $10,000 USD for the production of both case studies


  • GBSN invites its faculty, PhD students, and researchers with a background and/or interest in finance, cyber security, and/or risk management to submit a proposal.
  • Applicants do not need to be from nor represent Latin American schools or countries, but must have an adequate knowledge and experience working in the target country.

Case Requirements

  • For the teaching case: the final production should be 6-10 pages in length, with the incorporation of appendices and a 2-page teaching note that must include the following sections:
    • Learning objectives
    • Target group
    • Teaching strategy
    • Questions for discussion 
    • Analysis of data
    • Any additional background reading
  • For the research case: the final production should be 6-10 pages in length, with the incorporation of graphs in the document, and without appendices for online publishing and distribution

Proposal Requirements

  • Proposed title and brief abstract of case study
  • Financial institution representation from different Latin American countries (i.e., no two protagonists should be from the same geography)
  • Resume/CVs of all participating authors and/or researchers

Evaluation Criteria

  • Experience of the individual Case Writer or Team (30 Points)
  • Overall Quality of Proposal Submission (30 Points)
  • Relevance of Case Topic Proposed (20 Points)
  • Relevance and Applicability to Latin America (20 Points)


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For more information, visit Case Writing Grant Competition.

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