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Long live the Queen!
Middle east cloak cluster for men of valor,
A place I was shown by a royal breed and not a silent blabbermouth,
For the mint of paradise cuddling the hearts of men,
Let me know if she blinks her cheek,
Let me know if she blends her smile with the roses of Berlin,
Let’s us sail to Kaula,
My eyes are itching to Peck it beauty,
And my feet’s cannot wait to walk on its back,
Together we can make heaven fall,
Together we would count the stars and fishes,
Prepare your playlist,
For summer would be filled with blues.
Blue songs as deep as the ocean.
The lyrics will catch feelings in it web.
Sonorous, Serene and calmer than cold wind.
In this street of kaula
Peaches are grown like berries.
With every corner of an interlocked floor
Filled with string of violin and harp of wine glass clanging.
The harmonica of bass guitar and the tenor of street choirs
Wouldn’t lemme wish a break from Kaula.
The air is refreshing like ice bath after sweaty workout
The sight of butterflies befriending flowers of rainbow color
Wouldn’t make me less jealous of my Queen’s arm.
Kaula. Street of Kaula.
How beautiful hath thou.

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By Bello

Ismail Bello is a content creator and enthusiast who is passionate about youth development.

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