78-year-old woman Graduates from Alabama University with bachelor’s Degree

Vivian Cunningham, a 78-year-old woman graduates from Alabama University, she received her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, on May 8 after six years of study.

78-Year-Old Woman Graduates

Vivian Cunningham took classes through a tuition reimbursement program while she worked for Alabama Power Company decades ago, but she never had the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree until she retired.

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Cunningham, a single mother of two daughters, worked at an Atlanta dress shop before returning to Birmingham to work as a night-shift custodian at the Alabama Power Company for the next 13 years, according to a press release from Samford University. Cunningham progressed to a daytime role in Alabama Power’s mail room.

Cunningham earned credits at a number of Birmingham colleges and universities over the years. According to the press release, Cunningham received an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies from Virginia College before continuing her education at Samford University.

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“I’m thinking about getting a master’s degree,” Cunningham said in a press release. “I don’t want to come to a halt. Reading, sewing, and watching movies are three of my favorite pastimes. Since I’m retired, I don’t want to just sit around. I’m looking for information.”

Source: Fox Atlanta

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