22-Year-Old Nigerian Lady with First Class From 2 Foreign Universities Builds Apps

Hauwa Ibrahim Aminu, a 22-Year-Old Nigerian Lady With First Class From 2 Foreign Universities has entered the ranks of the country’s people who use their intellectual skills to solve problems.

22-Year-Old Nigerian Lady With First Class From 2 Foreign Universities

After earning a first-class bachelor’s degree in computer science from Lancaster University in Ghana, she went on to earn a master’s degree in business information and systems administration from Middlesex University in Mauritius.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Trust, the young lady discussed how she came up with the names JupiMart and ArchiScope for two apps she made.

Hauwa said that she enjoys finding solutions to people’s problems. JupiMart was created, she explained, to give consumers trust in what they were buying online while also that the amount of times bad products were returned.

ArchiScope, the developer’s second app, was created to bridge the communication gap between architects and their clients, according to the developer. When asked if she received positive reviews on her work, she said that in January 2021, a large number of architects were pleased with what she accomplished with the building app

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She expressed gratitude to her parents for their unwavering love. Since she worked on the apps as part of her BSc and MSc projects, the 22-year-old said she didn’t really feel the cost of developing them.

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