How Child Hawker Got A Scholarship From FCMB's Managing Director

Integrity and honesty are traits that pay off in the long run if they are demonstrated consistently.

How Child Hawker Got A Scholarship From FCMB's Managing Director

A groundnut hawker has become a shining example of why honesty pays off, as it has led to unthinkable opportunities for him.

After rejecting money provided to him for his full tray of groundnuts, the child hawker won a scholarship from the previous Managing Director of FCMB, Ladi Balogun, according to a Twitter user simply known as Ayinla.

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The child hawker had been assigned to sell groundnuts to FCMB players during a novelty match, and when the MD asked how much it cost, he responded N2,100, but he was offered N10,000 for everything.

The money was turned down by the young hawker, who claimed he wouldn’t be able to explain it to his mother.

Balogun was so struck by his honesty that he asked to see his mother and offered him a scholarship.

Ayinla, who shared the tale on Twitter, praised the youngster for hanging on to his principles despite the fact that his father was late and they were living in difficult circumstances.

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Read full story below:

”A boy was selling groundnut to FCMB footballers who were about playing a novelty match. The MD was in attendance and everyone was in a joyous mood. They called the boy and asked him to sell all the groundnut to the footballers.

After he gave them the groundnut , he was asked the price and he said everything was N2,100.00k, Ladi asked his PA to give him 10k but the small boy refused saying he doesn’t know how to explain to his mom where he got 10k instead of 2,100.

He refused the money that his mother will not accept it. Ladi was touched, he collected the money back from him and asked him to go and bring his mom.

The mother was afraid and was crying but Ladi told him what happened and how impressed he was with the boy’s upbringing. The boy was eventually given a scholarship for his uprightness and integrity.

This boy’s father is late and was brought up by his mother with other siblings. Despite their condition, he still held on strongly to their family values.

My submission, everything is from the home, if the home is good, the society will be good and if the home is bad, the society will be bad.

All our societal and national problems started from the home. Overall, the family system has broken down.

I always say to those who care to listen, let’s start from the home.

I copied this post from a WhatsApp group without having anyone in mind.

Point your kids in the right direction— when they’re old they won’t be lost.

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