N9.2 Billion Scholarship
N9.2 Billion Scholarship

Maniru Ibrahim, a young Nigerian from Sokoto state has been awarded a scholarship to study in Ireland after graduating with 1st Class from a Nigerian institution.

Maniru, who graduated with honors in mathematics from Usman Danfodio University, was awarded a N9.2 billion scholarship for his PhD program, according to the Daily Star Nigeria.

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The Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research Training in the Foundations of Data Science is funding the scholarship program for the Sokoto-born math whiz, which is worth €20 million (N9,206,407,800).

Travel and lodging expenses for conferences relating to his studies are also included in the scholarship monies.

He said he was just shortlisted for a master’s degree in theoretical physics in Italy, where just three Nigerians were chosen.

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N9.2 Billion Scholarship

Ibrahim admitted that he grew discouraged when the number of rejections for his Ph.D. increased. He claimed that the Ph.D. program he received was the first of its type and that he was the first African to receive it.

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